Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is About Me--Just Basically

I still live in the same place, well...I live in the house next-door to where I grew-up on this rocky ol' ranch. I still have a lot of animals, and too many, if you ask my husband. Well, except for chickens. My Steve wants more chickens because they actually do work and produce eggs for all of us and all my friends.

42 Years
I still have bad knees from falling off a ladder and at the moment don't plan on replacing them, however I am going to learn to walk like a mountain man.

I do exercise and swim all the time. I love my time swimming and the days I have off exercising and Steve's on duty...I hang out with the "Pool Hall Girls."

I hate mice, rats, bats and ground squirrels. Sorry, they just freak-me-out. We have lots of cats, so we don't have to kill them. I know all are a necessary form of "Eco-thing" but it's a phobia, and that all doesn't make sense anyway.

Favorite things to do: I love to cook, I love to garden and especially herbs, vegetables, fruits, and roses...actually, trees, and flowers, and grass. I love to ride my horse and snuggle with the other horses, goats, sheep, kittens, chickens, dog, and if I can...touch the donkeys. I love collecting, especially names. I just received my new Roots Magic genealogy program. I love genealogy!  I'm enjoying my new camera and it's part of our own family history. I like to work on web pages or blogs, but can't do a lot of it because it takes too much time. Facebook is the same way. I love keeping-in-contact, but I want to do things. I want to sew more, be more organized, I want to redo my house... concentrating on the cowboy room first. My strangest "want" is a buffalo rug. My "need" is a new porch that doesn't fall, a new roof, and better cooling and heating system. We don't need much with the heating and cooling, but wearing a coat all winter in the house is tripy, as in... I trip in it.

We Loved Our Toyota LandCruiser

Our Toyota FJ

 Our favorite car was this old Toyota Landcruiser, but it had constant brake-pulling toward the left was not good. So with a bunch of little babies in the back and afraid of an accident, Steve sold it and bought our "year's supply". A couple years ago Steve went to buy my dream car, a Toyota FJ Cruiser. I choose our dream car back, but with safety features. We love exploring the outdoors and taking vacations, even if it's Saticoy. I almost rolled-it in the desert, yes my husband got a picture of my off-roading ability and it reveals my lapse in judgment. My new FJ still had the paper plates. Life is an adventure!

Favorite books: It's NOT Lost Symbol, that book by Dan Brown gave me bad dreams, Thank you, Tressa! I love, love the Book of Mormon and the scriptures. And even though The Twilight Books seem trivial, I had fun reading them. I liked having a group of books all continuing the story. Some important lessons are woven through-out the books and I was impressed that virtue was powerful issue, a real lesson for young girls and young men.

I don't like 3-D movies, 'cuz it's so awful to be "car-sick" at the movie theater.

I will always vote and I'm active in my beliefs and will tell others how I feel, but without trying to judge their point-of-view. Oh, politics and controversy, I will do anything I can, do avoid contention.

I like everything else and love my family, I have six children and almost eighteen (18? Wow!) grandchildren! I have been blessed with the greatest companion, that I love with all my heart. I love The Gospel and being a active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since day I was baptized. I am grateful for my wonderful and many blessings, and even the smell of horse breath.